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Welcome to the UC Merced Office of Legal Affairs

We hope this website provides a valuable first stop and resource for addressing legal matters on the UC Merced campus.  

The mission of the Office of Legal Affairs is to work collaboratively with our campus clients to advance the university’s mission through problem solving, skilled advice, vigorous advocacy and effective, proactive counsel. Our goal is to be recognized for our expertise and commitment to our clients’ objectives. We are dedicated to delivering quality, timely and responsive solutions to the UC Merced campus. 

The UC Merced Office of Legal Affairs provides legal advice and assistance on a wide range of matters affecting UC Merced faculty members, researchers, students and staff members, including academic affairs, research, regulatory compliance, intellectual property, student affairs, contracting, business transactions, conflict of interest, information practices, real estate, land-use, and labor and employment.

If you think you have a legal issue related to university business, you should first discuss it with the head of your unit or supervisor. Together you can decide whether you need to involve campus counsel. Please note that the Office of Legal Affairs represents the university and does not provide personal legal advice to university faculty members, staff members or students. 

Chief Campus Counsel César Alvarado-Gil reports to UC Merced Chancellor Juan Sánchez Muñoz and General Counsel and Vice President of Legal Affairs for the Regents of the University of California Charles F. Robinson. 


What's New

New Contract Review Intake Questionnaire - To submit a request for legal contract or agreement review, please submit this form with any requested information to Angela Counts at acounts2@ucmerced. 

New System for Public Records Requests - A new online portal allows those who seek public records from the University to easily submit a request, track its progress, and receive the records.