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Conflict of Interest

The University of California's overall conflict-of-interest policy stipulates that employees shall not engage in any activities that place them in a conflict of interest with respect to their official duties and any other interest or obligation.

The primary legislative document governing conflict of interest and related issues is the California Political Reform Act.

The California Political Reform Act requires certain university employees (known as "designated officials") to disclose their personal financial interests to help inform the public about potential conflicts of interest. The financial disclosure also alerts the designated official to personal interests that might be affected while they are performing their official duties (i.e., making governmental decisions).

Disclosure is made on the Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700). The form must be filed annually. Filed forms are public documents that must be made available to anyone who requests them. Designated officials are responsible for ensuring that their annual reporting forms are submitted by the April 1 filing deadline. Filers are also obligated to complete forms within (30) days of assuming or leaving office.

The university designates certain positions as subject to the filing requirements of the California Political Reform Act. For more information, please review the university's current Conflict of Interest Code.

The University of California has comprehensive and interrelated policies and guidelines that address the conduct of UC employees, their interactions with private industry and conflicts of interest.

The Compendium​ of Specialized University Policies, Guidelines and Regulations Related to Conflict​ of Interest​ is a collection of policies and guidelines that work together to set high standards for employees, ensure the integrity of UC research results, and guide interactions of UC employees in their partnerships with industry and other university-related activities.

Campus Conflict of Interest Coordinator Angela Counts may be reached at or 209-228-2406.