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A conflict of interest in research exists when a researcher has interests in the outcome of the research that may lead to a personal advantage and that might therefore, in actuality or appearance, compromise the integrity of the research.

The assistant vice chancellor for Research Compliance and Integrity oversees the review and assessment of all financial disclosures related to research projects at UC Merced, and determines any actions required to ensure that real or perceived financial conflicts of interest are managed or eliminated.

These disclosures are filed using the Form 700U. Specific disclosure forms are required when awards are funded by the National Science Foundation and the Public Health Service. For additional information on research-related conflicts of interest, please visit the Office of Research Compliance and Integrity or contact the associate vice chancellor for Research and Economic Development: 

Deb Motton

For additional information, see the Conflict of Interest page on the Research Compliance and Integrity website. 

Academic personnel who hold administrative positions with the university may also be designated officials and subject to the Form 700 filing requirements.

The Form 700 filing requirements are different and separate from the Form 700U filing obligations, and are often based on the directorship of an academic program.